Airport cab-Domestic Air Travel during Lockdown

The Government of India announced the resumption of domestic air travel from May 25 after two months of a complete lockout. All the major cities of India are preparing to resume their operations keeping in mind the new standard operating protocol. However, resuming domestic air travel has not been without hiccups. Passengers are facing difficulty in booking cabs for the airport for pick-up and drop, with ambiguity regarding what the new guidelines will be at the airport.

We at Musafir Taxi have tried to answer some frequently asked questions with the best of their knowledge. Useful information for air travel

  1. Are airport cabs operational? Will I be able to make a booking for the airport?
  2. Do I need a travel pass to book an airport cab?
  3. What do I need before boarding my flight?
  4. How will I be shown at the airport? How will airport officials ensure the safety of all?
  5. Will F&B stores be open inside the airport?
  6. Other dos and donuts while traveling
  7. What are the quarantine protocols for domestic travelers?
  8. How can I book a cab after landing at the airport?
  9. If I have traveled from the worst affected states, can I book a cab from the airport?
  10. What rules should I follow before entering my airport cab?

Are airport cabs operational? Will I be able to make a booking for the airport?

  • Yes, only private vehicles and authorized airport cabs will be allowed inside the airport.
  • People from the convention area will not be allowed to travel.
  • Only two passengers, except the driver, are allowed in a four-seater as per government guidelines. In some cases, a maximum of three passengers is allowed in a six-seater. However, it depends on the local authorities concerned.

Do I need a travel pass to book an airport cab?

No, according to the general guidelines, you do not need a travel pass to book a cab to the airport. However, some states such as Karnataka have mandated a travel pass to enter their borders. For the city you are traveling to, check the respective state-issued guidelines.

Know the state-wise guidelines and procedures for purchasing travel pass online.

What do I need before boarding my flight?

According to the new protocol, passengers should keep a few things in mind before taking flight – Only web check-in is allowed to ensure minimum human interaction.

At the time of web check-in, passengers are required to take a print-out of the luggage tag and affix it to their luggage.

In case, they do not have access to the printer, they can simply write a ticket PNR with their name on a piece of paper and stick it on the bag

Facemask and sanitizer are mandatory. Only dry foods are allowed inside the flight. However, eating inside the plane is not appropriate.

How will I be shown at the airport? How will airport officials ensure the safety of all?

Passengers have to reach the airport at least two hours in advance. So book your cab accordingly. The government has made thermal screening mandatory for all passengers.

Passengers will have to download the Arogya Setu app which will notify the authorities when they come from the highly infected area.

Passengers must sign an undertaking stating that they are not coming from a regulated area, and have no symptoms of COVID. If there are many passengers under one PNR, one declaration is sufficient. Airlines are also providing a safety kit to all passengers flying with them. These kits are placed on each seat inside the aircraft and carry a face mask, face shield, and sanitizer.

Will F&B stores open inside the airport?

Yes, airport refreshment kiosks will be open for passengers. Please use cashless payment methods such as Paytm, Google Pay, PayPal, or PhonePe to pay for refreshments.

Other dos and donts while traveling

The process of boarding and disembarking the aircraft will be gradual. Therefore, passengers are advised not to crowd the boarding gate as well as the plane gate.

Passengers carrying disposable masks may be asked to remove it before boarding the aircraft as a new set of masks and shields will be given at the airport.

Discard face masks only in yellow boxes that will be available at all airports. It is not appropriate to eat inside the flight unless there is a medical condition.

What are the quarantine protocols for domestic travelers?

Source: Times of India

How do I book a cab after landing at the airport?

There is a separate section for cab aggregators to come and take passengers.

Airport cabs will only be allowed to pick up passengers from that part of the airport.

There are some exceptions though – Bangalore airport, for example, private cab aggregators such as Ola, Uber, and Musafir have been barred from taking passengers from the airport. Passengers arriving at Bangalore airport should board only government-authorized vehicles (tempo passengers and buses) so that they conform to quarantine norms and SOPs.

In other airports where airport pickup service for cab aggregators is allowed, Musafir Taxi is up and running. To book an airport cab with us, you can go to and confirm your booking. Once you have done this and have any travel-related questions, please contact us at You can book a trip with us 24 hours in advance.

Please note that only two passengers will be allowed in a four-seater cab and 3 passengers in a six-seater.

Can I book a cab from the airport if I have traveled from the worst affected states?

Passengers traveling from the most affected states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh will be treated slightly differently at airports.

States like Punjab and Meghalaya are following mandatory swab tests for arrival.

Like the previous announcements, the Center has provided flexibility to states to form their own guidelines. For more information, see the section on “Quarantine Protocol for Domestic Travelers”.

What if I come from a control area?

If you are from a control area in your state, you will not be allowed to fly.

Please check the government guidelines before booking your flight ticket

What rules should I follow before entering an airport cab?

Passengers traveling with us have to load their luggage in the boot of the cab.

They are also expected to practice social distancing at all times during the journey and wear a face mask. If you are out of sanitizer, our sanitizer equipped cabs will be there to ensure the safety of your driver.

Use sanitizer before and after your trip, and also clean the door handle to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to other passengers.

Musafir Taxi has taken its own set of strict precautions that ensure the safety of passengers and drivers alike. You can be sure that your journey to the airport will be safe and reliable.

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