Amritsar – The City Of Heroic Punjab

Draped in rich history, culture and traditions, Amritsar is one among the holiest pilgrimage sites for Sikhs across the planet and welcomes tourists with open arms. You’re embraced by the bustling streets, the aroma of food cooking within the open-air kitchens and strains of devotional music the instant you step into the lively by-lanes.

Here is all you would like to understand about Amritsar!

The Sikh Warriors
Founded by the fourth guru of Sikh faith in 1579, the town derived its name after Guru Ramdas built a pool on land he purchased from the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Believed to supply riddance from sins with a dip within the water, the Amrit Sarovar surrounds the revered Golden Temple within the midst of it. The town has been related to various mythical and historical incidents and finds mention in scriptures like the Ramayana.
Leading the tutorial and industrial sectors within the past, things, however, was quite different during India’s Freedom Struggle. Though the town managed to stay intact it’s legacy and traditional values, it had been scarred by an inhuman attack which was sparked with the arrest and deportation of two popular local leaders, Saif-ud-Din Kichlew, an advocate, and Dr. Satyapal, a medical man. This led to tension, which culminated in incidents of violence and repression of political activity. On April 13, 1919, the Sikh New Year (Baisakhi), an outsized meeting was involved at Jallianwala Bagh. Soon after the meeting, General Dyer ordered his troops to dam the sole exit and fired 1650 rounds of ammunition for 10 minutes continuously. many innocent men, women, and youngsters were killed and over a thousand were wounded. This tragic event left a deep mark on the Indians and mobilized mass participation in India’s fight for independence.

A trip to the present enchanting city is sure to leave you in absolute awe. You’ll never know until you go!

Golden Temple: The Harmandir Sahib, famous within the world because the Golden Temple, is the holiest shrine of the Sikh faith. Boasting of a shocking architecture, the dome on the upper section is gilded with about 100 kilograms of pure gold, which provides the temple its name.
Cherish your opportunity to supply a prayer within the central hall and revive within the vibrance of spirituality that emanates from every corner of the magnificent structure. Confirm you cover your head in the least times within the temple premises. Don’t miss to feast on the delicious langar at the common kitchen with many people sitting in long rows. Take a dip within the water here and volunteer your help to the staff members for a satisfying experience.

Jallianwala Bagh: This revived public garden that runs for a stretch of about 7 acres is that the site of the 1919 Amritsar Massacre. Bullet marks on the garden walls are a sworn statement to the barbarity of an act that took 379 lives. The garden also encloses a well where many of us including children jumped to save lots of themselves from being shot. While here, observe a minute’s silence for all the departed souls and families that were left scarred by the tragic events.

Wagah Border: A short scenic chase away from Amritsar on the Grand Trunk Road, Wagah Border marks the Radcliffe Line, which is that the demarcation between India and Pakistan and was drawn during the partition of India in 1947. The flag-lowering ceremony that takes place every evening where soldiers from each side attempt to outdo each other because the crowds cheer on, this is often accompanied by an interactive patriotic session. Playing the anthem is the best part of the day and is enough to fill anyone with great pride and is an experience to not be missed.

Where To Eat
Though Langar ka Prasad from the Golden Temple tops the list for foodies, you’ll also try the stuffed Kulchas with Chhole, Chur-Chur-Naan, Chhole Bhature, and Lassi at Bharawan Da Dhaba. They have been awarded ‘Punjab’s no 1 Dhaba’ without a reason! You can’t afford to miss the Keema Kulcha with dollops of butter at the Friend’s Dhaba and therefore the tastiest Fish Tikkas at the Beera Chicken House.
Craving for more? Head to the Hall Bazaar to undertake the foremost amazing fruit cream and kulfi for dessert!

Where To Shop
Hall Bazaar doesn’t just pacify your taste buds but also allows you to buy for beautiful Phulkari embroidery work, jewelry and handicrafts which are a specialty of Amritsar. While you’re at Hall Bazaar, visit the neighboring Katra Jaimal Singh Bazaar to satisfy the shopaholic in you. The Old City Bazaar of Amritsar is worth a visit if you’re trying to find a superb place to buy traditional Indian wear, bangles, the famous Punjabi juttis, and other trinkets.
If you’re checking out a perfect place to buy jewelry and other adornments, look no further than the Guru Bazaar in Katra Ahluwalia that gives an excellent sort of options to settle on from. Conclude your shopping spree with some Pashmina shawls at the Lahori Gate Market which happens to be the right place for a delicious dinner too.

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