Budget Trip in India

Many days have not been walked anywhere with the partner? Want to spend time in a romantic place with a partner alone or for several days, planning holidays with partners, not giving pockets. If there is a budget problem, there is a very beautiful place in India instead of going out somewhere, which is very good for spending a memorable time for couples and will also come in your budget. So let’s know about those places …


Uttarakhand is a place where there are beautiful blessings and beauty of the mountains, here you can spend a good time in a low budget. Uttarakhand’s Rishikesh is a good place to roam. If you want, you can also enjoy boating and rafting in Rishikesh. The natural environment here takes the mind.


Kerala is also a good choice for you. Here is the difference between coconut trees and greenery. Here is a good place to spend time with Tree House Partners. In Kerala, you can spend good quality time with your partner, for which you do not need much budget.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a small very beautiful hill station. The population here is also very low. Hee, you will get every facility. There is no problem with the network. If you want to spend a good time with partners then this place is very good.


If you live in Mumbai then you are lucky in this matter because Mumbai is a city where there are many romantic and beautiful places. Going there, you can spend quality time with the partner, but if you are not in Mumbai then you will not have much problem with the budget. On the Juhu beach here you can see the waves of the sea and spend a good time in the middle with the partner. There are many more good places in Mumbai where you can roam.

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