Per Hour Rate
Rs. 09 / Hour Kms/hour will be calculated from garage to garage, Km limit will be calculated 250kms basis which will be lower
Per Day Rate
250 / Day One day means one calender day (12 midnight - 11:59 midnight)
Airport Transfer
700/- Within 10 km in the city
3+1 Passengers
2 Luggage
Toll Tax, Parking & State tax Excluded
Night Allowances Rs. 250 Applicable on usage between 9pm-6am
Car AC will be switched off in Hills
Alto, WagonR, Kwid, Hyundai i10
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When talking about small cars in India, things surfaced on our heads should be compact sizes, higher fuel efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. For these reasons, compact cars still cement a robust position within the Indian automobile market, despite the growing sentiments towards highly-priced SUVs and crossovers among buyers in the present days. India, as we all know, maybe a price-sensitive market and little cars are always a far better option as they will ease out pocket the foremost. within the days when the amount of nuclear families is on the steeper side, small cars are taking back buyers’ affinity and auto manufacturers have eyed this trend to launch important products during this segment. We’ve compiled an entire list of best small cars in India on the idea of costs, specifications, features and more. Compact cars are the most reliable cars as they can convenient for intercity travel as well as intracity travel. Much better, Much Economical and More Convenient is the best thing attached to compact cars in India.

A spacious rear seat isn’t the primary image that involves mind once you mention small two-box cars. However, a number of the cars during this segment pack in quite an accommodating bench at the rear. Among these, three are most noteworthy – the Tata Tiago, the Maruti WagonR and therefore the Maruti Celerio.

While the Tiago features a premium, big-car-like ambiance, its rear headroom and legroom aren’t much to speak about. Although comfortable, some may find the seatback slightly too reclined, and therefore the small rear windows also make short passengers feel a touch cooped up.
Between the WagonR and therefore the Celerio, the former’s tall-boy stance gives it a foothold in terms of headroom, but its upright seating isn’t the simplest for long journeys. The Celerio, on the opposite hand, features a more relaxed seating position, and it impresses with the quantity of legroom and headroom it packs at the rear, making it the higher of the 2 Marutis.

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