Reasons To Fall Crazy For Lucknow Every Single Day!

Lucknow as a city is inherently romantic. Though we instantly start brooding about romantic relationships once we mention romanticism, yet romance as an idea is entirely different. You’ll find romance lurking at every corner, even in instances of lifestyle. From the flutter of a lacey curtain on a quiet evening to the way the daylight hits the tiny swing-set on your balcony, romance is often found if you search for it.

Lucknow hence is inherently romantic; there’s something beautiful tucked at every corner here, which makes us fall crazy with the town a day, more so on the one’s we spend faraway from it. Lucknow will always have a special place within the hearts of Lucknowites and here are 7 reasons why.

Lucknow is synonymous to serenity

Lucknow as a city has progressed leaps and bounds. From international brands to international cuisines, Lucknow today has found its place on the worldwide map. Even in any case this, the sense of peace the town offers is difficult to seek out elsewhere. Anyone who has removed from the town can definitely vouch for the calm the town provides once we come to it!

The impeccable Tehzeeb of Lucknow

People here are polite, loving and kind. There is a warmth in manners and dialect that’s quintessential to the town. Regardless of where within the world you discover yourself if someone utters the words ‘hum’ and ‘aap’ you are feeling a way of belonging, a way of home. This warmth, respect for others and softness of tone makes Lucknow a city we will always remember.

The architectural magnificence of Lucknow

If there’s one thing about Lucknow that even those that aren’t from the town cannot stop appreciating, it is the architecture. The town has been awarded relics of its glorious past in a sort of stunning monuments and we’ll forever be thankful for these marvels. Be it the intricate build of the Rumi Darwaza, the various corridors of Bara Imambara or the facade of old havelis in Chowk, one can never get uninterested in watching them and appreciating their innate charm.

Festivals bring communities together

Lucknow may be a city that’s uniquely diverse, which suggests that folks here celebrate each festival with an unmatched fervor. Be it Holi, Diwali, Eid or Bada Mangal, people close on the streets, within the houses and show that Lucknow will always be the town of affection. During Eid people of all religions gather on the streets of Chowk, after midnight and feast on dishes that are specific to the festival and the same go for Bada Mangal where people of all religions are served the holy prasad.

The city is timeless

Lucknow features a timelessness about it that’s rare to seek out anywhere else. Be it the chikan work, Tunday kabab or delicate zardozi work, there are things that never leave of vogue within the city and that we are forevermore appreciative of them. This is why regardless of how long we stand back from the town, we’ll always be found sipping on chai at nukkads, happily shopping within the lanes of Chowk & making new plans of ganjing.

People in Lucknow are amazing because the city itself is

If there’s one thing about Lucknow that we love quite the town, it’s the people. Lucknow is a city of passionate people. People that are of various races, cultures, social groups and ethnicities, have close to call this place home. There’s share belongingness, a sense of oneness within the love we’ve for food or the language. Go anywhere within the world and you’ll still not find people that are so starkly different yet so similar at an equivalent time.

The new-age Lucknow

Though we’ve long romanticized the old-world charm of the town, the new developments too, make Lucknow what it’s today. Be it the marine drive, the new-age eateries or the evening culture that the town has come to simply accept, everything is uniquely our own and makes the town into what it’s today. The old with the new, define not the town itself but the people too, who have changed significantly and yet attached with their roots and cultural identities.

Knock Knock

Lucknow may be a beautiful place to measure in and once here, you will find yourself immensely crazy with the town. such a lot that it will be hard to call anywhere else home. You can Hire a car for sightseeing & Fell to the City.

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