Lucknow to Varanasi Taxi And Tour

After reluctantly leaving Lucknow to Varanasi, we might have liked to possess stayed another night approximately in this special and spiritual place, two nights just wasn’t enough but we would have liked to be in New Delhi. We had already booked our train tickets for Lucknow once we were in Delhi, at that point we thought it might be nice to interrupt the journey up with an overnight stopover during this city. On reflection, we might have stayed another night in Varanasi and caught a sleeper back to New Dehli, but with train tickets like gold, we decided to hold on with our journey from Lucknow to Varanasi as planned.

Looking at Lucknow to Varanasi Journey

Lucknow was the house of the Nawabs, until British occupation, and therefore the area features a strong history of showing hospitality to visitors. As this place may be a bit off the most tourist trails, there are only a couple of touts and there’s nothing just like the numbers you’ll discover in additional popular visitor destinations around India. We received a warm welcome from the locals, many of whom didn’t speak much English, but were wanting to help and have interaction in polite conversation, without a rupee being requested.

The reason Lucknow isn’t an area many of us visit on a tour of India is that there isn’t that much to ascertain and do, which is sort of refreshing once you are traveling India. This makes it a stimulating place to wander around and just relax.

The area features a large Muslim population so for those that eat meat there are some interesting local dishes to enjoys, including the mutton kebabs, which are cheap and delicious. There are still things to try to here for those with the energy, but we were a touch overwhelmed after our time in Varanasi and were happy just to reflect on our experiences, absorb a couple of sights and plan subsequent a part of our journey around India in Rajasthan.

How to get a Local City Tour?

We received our hotel which was another “Pure Veg” residence; the accommodation was nice and that we had great room service all for a budget price. After an honest night’s sleep and a few travel planning, we decided to require a fast tour of Lucknow. We consulted a couple of apps, travel Wikipedia and spoke with staff at the hotel and it seemed fairly cheap and easy to rent a taxi for the local tour to ascertain what we would have liked.

The cost was under 1000 rupees for both folks, and for ease, we decided to travel ahead. We resorted to option two which was to try to do the tour ourselves via Musafir India Cab Services, it might take longer but the advantage is you get to ascertain a touch more of what’s happening on the streets.

Sightseeing in Lucknow to Varanasi Trip

Bada Imambara – This majestic collection of buildings was created in 1784 by Nawab Asaf ud Daula as a famine relief project to use the locals who had seen adversity thanks to poor harvests and drought over the preceding years.

We were walking past the gallery by the tower when the local kids who were playing cricket ran towards us posing for us to require our picture, again no money requested. Even as well, as our policy of not giving money to children would have met with sad eyes. Instead, the youngsters were just happy to ascertain themselves in digital form.

Where and What to Dine in Lucknow?

After being vegetarian for nearly five weeks, we decided to take part in some meat-eating activity. A number of the best places to dine out in Lucknow are located around the Chowk from Akbar Gate to Gol Darwaza, where you’ll enjoy local ‘Nahari’ dishes. Other popular dishes on the menu here include kebabs, kormas, kaliya, Nahari-kulchas, zarda, roomali rotis, and warqi parathas. If you’ve got a sweet tooth to try the Prakash Kulfi – it’s delicious.
The art of slow cooking over a fireplace is renowned in Lucknow, as is that the ability to blend exotic spices in cookery. If you would like a chance you’ll find a McDonalds and Pizza Hut within the city – we so didn’t!

Culture, Dance and Crafts

Lucknow is noted for its tourism festival, Lucknow Mahotsav, which takes place annually around November to December and showcases the culture and heritage of this city, notably Kathak Dance.
Like any Indian city, there are many markets within the sort of a ‘chowk’ selling food, clothes, jewelry, and other handicrafts. The intricate embroidery on stunning fabrics (Chikankari) and enamel work (Meenakari) on boxes were particularly impressive here.

Is Lucknow Worth a Stopover?

For us, it had been an excellent place to stretch our legs and explore yet one more diverse and impressive Indian city, far away from tourists and mayhem of other places we’ve experienced on this trip. If you don’t have time on your India travel itinerary, then don’t worry you haven’t missed much. However, if you’ve got time then this place is worth including on your tour because it does show another dimension to the depth of Indian culture and breaks up the journey from Varanasi to New Dehli.

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