Mini Kashmir of India

The sight of the natural beauty of Pithoragarh, which is called the Mini Kashmir of India, is to be a temptation. This is the hill station of Uttarakhand. Here you can spend a relaxed time in the lap of nature away from the run of life. The cold weather gives feel good from the summer heat. There are also many more places in addition to the mountains, where you can roam.

It is a good place to celebrate holidays and spent a few days in the lap of nature. So let’s know about this beautiful place …

Pithoragarh is not called a mini Kashmir, the beauty of here is not less in any case. Like you come here, you can relax a different kind of light, lake and cold winds like Kashmir.

Here are the lakes and hill, curved paths are tempted. Seeing the sight here, it seems to go here. There is something else to walk on green grass here in cold winds. This makes you realize a freshness. Here you can also enjoy river rafting, skiing and gliding. Here Jealouskong and the Acharal Lake are very famous.

There is a temple of paradigiri in Tanakpur at about 20 km away from here. From Tanakpur you can go above the car or can also go a walk. The stairs remain to go to the temple. There is a system on the way to stay, which is very cheap according to the budget.

How to Reach

The distance from this place from Delhi is about 496 kilometers. The convenience of staying here is comfortable. There are regular settles to go here. If you want to save your time & Explore the mini Kashmir of India with comfortable you can book a cab with verified drivers at an Affordable price with Musafir Taxi.

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