Reasons Why You Need To Visit Rishikesh

Rishikesh is one of the foremost spiritual places in India. Nestled along the banks of the holy river Ganges within the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is most famous for being the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ but even non-yogis will find a lot to like about this beautiful, spiritual town. Just keep it up reading my Rishikesh travel guide for a fast list down on the best things to try to, places to stay and dine in Rishikesh – albeit you’re not really into yoga it’s still an important stop on any Indian adventure.
When in Rishikesh you’ll prefer to occupy an ashram, take a yoga or meditation retreat, go trekking or whitewater rafting or simply relax along the shore of the River Ganga at one among the various hip and cozy cafes.

There are numerous opportunities to explore belongings you may have always wanted to, like massage therapy, chakra balancing, and astrology readings. Rishikesh became famous after The Beatles visited the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram here within the late 1960s and its ruins still stand to the present day for you to explore.

You should spend around 3-5 days in Rishikesh, longer if you would like to require yoga or meditation course. The best time to go to Rishikesh is from September to November, or March to April when the times are warm and cozy. The Rishikesh International Yoga Festival is held in March making it an excellent, but busy, time to go to.

Things To Do In Rishikesh
Yoga: Whether your an experienced yogi eager to do yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, looking to seek out out more about yourself with an authentic Indian ashram stay experience or simply want to require a rejuvenating break from the stresses of lifestyle with a yoga retreat there’s something for everybody within the yoga capital of the planet. Albeit you’ve never done any yoga before why not take a drop by class to undertake out yoga for yourself. India is that the birthplace of yoga and you never know – it’d just change your life! There are posters everywhere for yoga classes, you’ll try a couple of different styles and teachers and see what you favor.

Ram Jhula: If you’re staying in Lakshman Jhula, you’ll easily walk to a neighborhood called Ram Jhula. It’s where tons of yoga and meditation ashrams are located, also like plenty of shops selling stickers, trinkets, and spiritual books are located.

Beatles Ashram: The Beatles came to Rishikesh within the late 1960s and basically made Rishikesh world famous. They stayed at this now abandoned ashram, which is basically interesting to roam around and explore and therefore the art and graffiti are basically cool.

Watch the Ganga Aarti: Every evening at the Parmath Niketan Ghat around 6:30 PM, people gather to offer offerings to the river and to the Goddess Ganga. It’s a gorgeous ritual with fire and Diya, a little pot with flowers and a candle that you simply light to float down the river Ganga.

Stay in Parmath Niketan Ashram: This is often one among the highest Ashrams in India with over 1000 rooms. You’ll get three meals and two yoga classes per day.

Get an Ayurveda Massage: You’ll feel relaxed after getting an Ayurveda massage. They use certain oils and pressure points that make these massages different from other ones you’ll have gotten, and they’re extremely affordable!

Trayambakeshwar: This is often a striking 13 story Hindu Temple located in Lakshman Jhula.

Triveni Ghat: This is often a gorgeous Ghat along the River Ganga with spiritual activities. It’s an excellent place to go to experience the local religious traditions in Rishikesh.

White Water Rafting: Get out onto the gorgeous and holy Ganges and knowledge stunning views of Rishikesh and therefore the nature beyond whilst on a fun and thrilling foam rafting trip. You’ll choose from Grade 1-5, counting on the problem you would like. This is often one of the foremost fun ways to ascertain Rishikesh and therefore the holy river.

Go Bungee Jumping: For a couple of thousand rupees, you’ll go bungee jumping! If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this activity could also be calling your name.

Neer Garh Waterfall: Rent a motorcycle and drive to the present waterfall. Spend the afternoon swimming within the cool waters with locals.

Day Trips from Rishikesh
The spiritual town of Hardiwar is merely about 30 mins from Rishikesh. It’s far more important spiritually to Indians than Rishikesh and price the short trip. Haridwar is an ancient city and an important Hindu pilgrimage site and is one among the sites of the Kumbh Mela – the world’s largest-ever religious gathering. Hindu pilgrims arrive here in droves to require a dip within the holy River Ganges and each night the river comes alive with flickering candle flames as offerings are released and float down the river.
Kanjapuri Devi Temple: This is often one among the simplest viewpoints and day trips from Rishikesh. you’ll rent a motorcycle and drive to the temple yourself. The road winds through the mountains, where halfway up you’ll get a stunning view of Rishikesh and therefore the River Ganga. Once at the highest, you’ll have an aerial view of the encompassing mountains and forests.

Valley of Flowers: While this is often actually a couple of days from Rishikesh, the Valley of Flowers are some things to not be missed, especially if you’re within the area in July and August. this is often where you’ll find spectacular endemic alpine flowers in bloom during a lush green valley.

Where to Stay in Rishikesh
The best play to stay in Rishikesh for backpackers is Lakshman Jhula. The cafes and abundance of yoga studios make it an excellent place to practice yoga and also meet other travelers. There also is an increasing amount of more upmarket hotels in Rishikesh.
The Best Backpacker Hostels and Budget Guesthouses in Rishikesh
Shiv Shakti Guesthouse: This hostel has comfortable air-conditioned rooms, an awesome rooftop to relax on, and free chai and water all day long. The staff are so friendly and always happy. they need Bollywood dance nights, family dinners on Thursdays, and do sunrise and trekking tours. You’ll feel right reception the second you step during this hostel. It’s such an excellent place to satisfy other travelers if you’re traveling by yourself. It’s in one of the simplest areas of Rishikesh in Laxman Jhula.

Sonu Guesthouse: This characterful guesthouse is found across the bridge within the Laxman Jhula area. It’s on the brink of the most road but far enough away that you simply still get a quiet and calm atmosphere. they provide cold filtered water and tours to varied attractions, which is great especially if you’re traveling solo! There are a stunning terrace and rooftop that’s an excellent place for relaxing and socializing and a yoga studio. There’s a communal kitchen too so you’ll cook your own meals. The staff is genuine and helpful, you’ll feel right reception during this guesthouse fashionable budget travelers and solo female travelers.

The Best Mid Range Hotels in Rishikesh
Hotel Peepal Tree: Stay here for comfortable and spacious rooms with great views. they need a rooftop restaurant that serves delicious food, air-conditioned rooms, and free Wi-Fi. It’s during a great location, only 900 meters from Lakshman Jhula and 800 meters from Ram Jhula. There are a terrace and a homey, comfortable atmosphere.

Seventh Heaven Inn: A newish boutique hotel within the Tapovan area that has already become super popular due to its fab location, high service standards, and delightful rooms. The spacious rooms have many natural light and balconies with views over the forest and mountains. The decor may be a blend of Indian and European styles and therefore the hotel is travel by an Indian and English partnership. There’s a wonderful rooftop restaurant also.

Ganga Kinare: A gorgeous riverside boutique hotel with its own garden and ghat. The hotel is a lovely peaceful riverside retreat as its located down the river from the busier parts of Rishikesh. Most of the comfortable and well-equipped rooms have views of the river and there are complimentary yoga, pranayama, and meditation sessions, an Ayurvedic spa and out of doors jacuzzi. A Ganga aarti is additionally performed each morning and evening at the hotel’s private ghat.

The Best Luxury and Heritage Hotels in Rishikesh
Aloha on the Ganges: With an outside pool and wellness center, this luxury hotel has amazing views of the River Ganga, nature walks, yoga classes, and amazing staff which will cause you to feel right reception. Rooms are spacious and clean and have private bathrooms and a few rooms have a minibar. It’s during a great location, only 2 km from Lakshman Jhula.

Neemrana’s Glasshouse on The Ganges: This heritage hotel is about 20 km from Lakshman Jhula. It’s located right next to the River Ganges during a serene setting. It offers you peace and tranquillity since it’s just outside of Rishikesh. There is a garden and rumpus room on site, and a restaurant serving healthy and filling food.

Where to Dine in Rishikesh
Rishikesh may be a hippie haven with many cafes and restaurants serving affordable local and international dishes also like plenty of vegan and vegetarian food perfect for yogis. Chilling out at a restaurant with views over the River Ganges is one of the foremost relaxing and pleasant ways to spend a day and you’ll probably meet some interesting people. You’ll find anything from the local northern Indian style dishes like Chana Masala and Kadai Paneer, also as healthy salads, sandwiches, espresso coffee, pizza, pasta, and platters.
Be aware that as Rishikesh may be a Celestial City no alcohol or meat dishes (including egg) are served. Lakshman Jhula and Tapovan are two areas of Rishikesh known for its plethora of excellent restaurants and cafes.

Some of the Best Restaurants in Rishikesh –
Little Buddha: This restaurant serves vegan and vegetarian food during a large open café with beautiful views of the Ganga. Their portions are huge and affordable, and their food is a few of the simplest altogether of Rishikesh.

Free Spirit Cafe: A little place at Laksham Jula with river-facing tables, relaxed atmosphere, lovely staff and fairly priced but great quality food cooked amorously. Try the falafel burger and pancakes.

Beatles Café: Playing music from the 60s and 70s all day long, a number of their specialties include lasagne and burgers. It’s the place to go to after exploring the Beatles Ashram.

Royal Café: This café has delicious vegan smoothie breakfast bowls, coffee, and a cushty seating on a balcony overlooking the Ganga River.

Pumpernickel Bakery: A number of the simplest desserts altogether of Rishikesh with tons of places to take a seat and relax. Confirm you are trying their vegan Reese’s Balls and vegan chocolate banana pie!

Ramana’s Organic Garden Cafe: Everything here is fresh, healthy, organic and super tasty. It’s relaxing out place with awesome views plus you’ll be helping out the youngsters at the varsity nearby also as having a delicious meal!

Pure Soul: Lovely, modern, clean, Western cafe and organic kitchen with many gluten-free and vegan options. There’s an excellent juice and smoothie menu and decent wifi so its an honest place to urge some work done. Also, like delicious food and great views, Pure Soul is eco friendly and supports local farmers and sustainable agriculture.
How to Reach Rishikesh
Haridwar railway station is a half-hour taxi ride from Rishikesh which has many connections to places in India like Delhi and Varanasi. Book your taxi here. From Delhi, the fastest trains take about 4 and a half hours to Haridwar. You’ll also take a bus but it takes longer (about 8 and a half hours) you’ll also fly from Delhi to Dehra Dun airport which is merely 20 mins faraway from Rishikesh by taxi. You’ll take an overnight bus from Dharamshala to succeed in Rishikesh, which takes about 14 hours.

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