Cabs in Hyderabad

Hyderabad city, Telangana state, south-central India. It’s Telangana’s largest and most popular city and is the major city for all of south-central interior India. From 1956 to 2014 Hyderabad was the capital of Andhra Pradesh state, but, with the creation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh in 2014, it had been redesigned because of the capital of both states. Hyderabad was known for its beauty and affluence, but that glory lasted only as long because of the Quṭb Shāhī dynasty. The Mughals conquered Hyderabad in 1685. The Mughal occupation was amid plunder and destruction and was followed by the intervention of European powers in Indian affairs. In 1724 Āṣaf Jāh Nizam al-Mulk, the Mughal viceroy within the Deccan declared independence. That Deccan kingdom, with Hyderabad as its capital, came to be called the princely state of Hyderabad. The Āṣaf Jāhīs, during the 19th century, began to rebuild, expanding to the north of the old city across the Musi. Farther north, Secunderabad grew as a British cantonment (military facility), connected to Hyderabad by a bund (embankment) 1 mile (1.6 km) long on Husain Sagar Lake. The bund now is a promenade and is that the pride of the city. Many new structures, reflecting an attractive blend of Hindu and Muslim styles, are added alongside it.

How to Book Musafir Taxi in Hyderabad –
Customers can book a cab with ease. You’ll either book through the website or by giving us a turn our 24X7 customer service number. The booking process is transparent, intuitive, and straightforward. There are not any hidden costs or fine print. Here’s how you book a cab in four easy steps:

  • Select the sort of booking you would like to form, whether ‘outstation’, ‘local’, or ‘airport’.
  • Enter once you would really like to be picked up then select a cab.
  • Once you’ve got selected a car, you’ll avail of many payment options. These options include- pre-paid, partially paid, and postpaid. There are multiple options for creating payment like, wallets, mobile payments, Netbanking, and Debit & CreditCards.
  • You can also book a taxi by giving us a hoop at +91-9120190009/7800328328

Follow-up and Support –
As soon as you create a booking, you get an email and a message confirming your itinerary. You’ll also receive the payment details during this communication. Driver details, useful travel information and key T&Cs are going to be shared across multiple channels including email, SMS, and call. We’ll send the invoice to your inbox and phone, as soon as your trip is completed.

Musafir’s Hyderabad Taxi Service 
Musafir Taxi offers services across three categories: Outstation cabs, local full-day, and half-day and airport transfers. This is often a sworn statement to the robust packages and services we provide our patrons.

Outstation taxi service in Hyderabad –
We offer trip also as one-way services for our Hyderabad cabs. Places of interest near Hyderabad include Secunderabad, Nizamabad, Warangal Raichur, & LaturBook a Hyderabad outstation taxi with Musafir and travel.

Local Car Rental in Hyderabad
Hyderabad has such a lot to ascertain. From teeming bazaars and restaurants to forts, palaces like Banjara hills. Book a cab in Hyderabad for sightseeing during a single day! you’ll choose between multiple packages on your local booking. These are- 4h/40kms for half-day cabs, 8h/80kms, and 12hrs/120 Kms for full-day cabs in Hyderabad.

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Airport Taxi in Hyderabad 
The airport is 24 km outside the city. Getting adequate transportation to and from the airport is often daunting. Book a Musafir cab to Hyderabad airport for a timely and cozy commute.

Musafir Car Rental Service in Hyderabad –
We strive to travel that extra mile just to please you, the customer, with our quality of service. From the booking to the driving force to the car, the experience is straightforward and seamless. Once you book a Hyderabad cab service with Musafir Taxi, you’ll be assured that Our promise of quality is met.

Punctual service: Excellent diary of on-time service. Our call center is going to be in-tuned with you ensuring there are absolutely no delays.
Driver Expertise: Drivers are selected through a multiple point checklist and have a better knowledge of routes.
Transparent Billing: Whatever your mode of payment, you’ll always know what your bill seems like. We all know GST, toll fees and inter-state tax are often confusing. This is often why our invoices are clear, crisp, and precise. There are not any hidden costs and charges. If you continue to feel confused, you’ll always give us a call and that we will assist you to understand the invoice.
Multiple Options: We have a spread of options to fit your individual needs. From hatchbacks, sedans, and Innovas to luxury cars and tempo travelers.
Reliability and Security: Our drivers undergo extensive training to make sure your safety and luxury. We also extend 24X7 support to all or any of our travelers. just in case there are any issues during the journey, assistance is just a call away. Musafir Taxi takes immense pride in being the customer-centric taxi brand in Hyderabad.

Top Things To Do In Hyderabad

Visit Golconda Fort
The ‘Shepherd’s Hill’ or the Golconda Fort is one among the must-visit landmarks of the town. Situated within the western a part of the town, this glorious fortress isn’t just a crucial tourist spot, but also an architectural marvel of the past! Built on a granite hill during the reign of the mighty Kaktiya dynasty, it’s witnessed the increase and fall of several other dynasties that ruled over the region at different points of history.
Feel the Royalty in Chowmahalla Palace
Forts and palaces have always been a mark of the reputation and fame of the kings and emperors! The Chowmahalla Palace that was once the official residence of the Nizams is once such a palace that explains the influence and architectural taste of the Hyderabadi rulers. For several decades, this meticulously designed palace hosted grand celebrations, witnessed several historic occurring and made a prominent mark of the royalty of the Nizams.
Stroll around the Charminar
Two things, without which Hyderabad won’t be Hyderabad: dum biryani and therefore the Charminar! Known globally because the most vital landmark of the town, a visit to the present historical monument is indeed among the must to possess experiences in Hyderabad! Built by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shai within the year 1591AD, this stunning minaret stands on the banks of the Musi River and once marked the center of the town.
Spend a Fun-filled Day in Ramoji Film City
A perfect destination to visit; may it’s with family or friends, Ramoji Film City is a whole day entertainment for the tourists to Hyderabad. Any quite activity from enjoying the spellbinding view at this excellent film city to engaging yourself in an adventure activity, it’s all just a step away at Ramoji Film City. The film city not just features a record-setting film studio but is also famous for both natural and artificial attractions.

Foods of Hyderabad

Hyderabadi Cuisines – What To Eat Here

Hyderabadi Biryani
Hyderabad’s biryanis are highly reputed because of the world’s best biryanis, and with good reason. Once considered to be the Nizam’s (the state ruler) dish, it’s now commonly available throughout Hyderabad and therefore the remainder of northern India. The biryani contains long-grained, fragrant basmati rice alongside marinated meat that has been soaked during a special spice concoction overnight. The cooking vessel is then sealed with dough and it’s steamed over hot coals (known as dum).
A variant of the country-wide popular kheer, this creamy rice pudding is sold in tiny earthen bowls in bustling street stalls around the city. The dish is formed by cooking rice in sweetened thick milk, which is then topped with a spread of spices like cardamom, saffron, cloves, and cinnamon, also as dried fruits and nuts. Light yet immensely flavourful, this is often among your best options for a fast pick-me-up on the streets of Hyderabad.
This deep-fried Andhra snack is formed with a rice and lentil batter that’s usually fermented. The batter is then fried until the outside becomes crisp and golden, while the inside is left soft and slightly mushy. Punugulu is typically spiced with cumin and coriander and vegetable additions, like chilies and onions, also are common.
An immensely popular local variation of the samosa, lukhmi is square in shape and typically full of a heavily spiced minced meat filling. Its deep-fried exterior is flaky and crisp, as against its soft and flavourful interior. The vegetables utilized in the filling are typically potatoes, onions, green peas, and chilies. The snack is sold in street stalls and little eateries around the city and is a hearty snack.
This super creamy and delicious drinkable dessert may be a must-have item during scorching Hyderabadi summers. Made by mixing milk with rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds, and bits of jelly, this thick drink is typically topped with a frozen dessert. You’ll find various versions of the drink within the town, in street stalls also as eateries.
Papdi chaat
A delicious mixture of deep-fried dough bits referred to as papdi with potatoes, chickpeas, onions, green peas, chilies, and a mix of flavourful sauces, this is often among Hyderabad’s most easily available street snacks. Its unique blend of sauces and ingredients allows the chaat to be sweet, spicy, sour, and tangy at an equivalent time.
As a hotspot of Mughlai cuisine in India, Hyderabad is of course home to many iconic kebab varieties and outlets. Boti kebabs, which comprise chunks of lamb meat that are richly marinated and barbecued to a T, are particularly popular within the city and must be had if you’re a meat-lover. Served in street stalls and little eateries, these kebabs are more commonly prepared later within the day.