Key Things to Keep in Car for Emergency Situations

You plan out what items to bring back work, a friend’s house, or the gym, but does one plan out what items you would like just in case your car gets a flat? or maybe worse, breaks down completely – leaving you during a vulnerable position on the side of the road? More often than not, you don’t consider things to stay in your car until you really need them.
Whether you’re embarking on an extended road trip or a brief commute, preparing yourself with car safety knowledge and being conscious of things to stay in your car can decrease your chances of ending up during a position where you aren’t properly protected. To prep, yourself for potential car emergencies requiring self-defense knowledge, read our guide to be ready for possible life-threatening scenarios and understand all necessary items to stay in your car.

Why Is It Important to Be Prepared?

It only takes just one occasion to know the importance. One time walking back to your car during a dark garage after a visit to the mall. Just one occasion when you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat in the dark. You won’t know when it could happen, but preparing for the worst will assist you prevent tons of tricky scenarios.

15 Key Things to Keep in Car

We want you to remain safe and avoid potential harm to yourself or your loved ones. By preparing and sharing these 15 key things to stay in your car, you’ll situate yourself for unexpected emergencies on the road.

Jumper Cables – Your automobile battery runs out from accidentally leaving a light-weight on, or not properly maintained to your car. Always be prepared with jumper cables. It’s best to seek out an area gas station/convenience store or call road maintenance to invite assistance. When jumping a car, confirm both car ignitions are off. Attach the red clip to the positive terminals of the batteries and therefore the black clips to the negative terminals.

Canned Instant Tire Inflator – Canned air is great to avoid expecting maintenance or service and is straightforward to use. Attach the hose of the can to the tire’s valve stem. Then, with the can upright, release the air into the tire until it’s full.

Heavy-duty Rope – This rope is handy when your car is stuck in an unwanted area or must be towed to the gasoline station. When towing, keep a slow and steady pace. The driving force of the towed vehicle should depress the pedal slightly to stay tension on the strap.

Kit – If you’re involved during a small accident or hurt yourself on the road, have a kit on you. Great items to incorporate are gauze pads, tape, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, curved scissors, hand sanitizer, and allergy medication.

Warm Blanket and Gloves – Breaking down within the winter means you won’t have heat. Keep blankets and gloves around for warmth. Keep an additional hat and socks to stay warm also.

Flags and Flares – If you break down in an unpopulated area, it’ll be hard to trace down help. Letting off flares and displaying bright flags notifies people. Flags and flares notify oncoming traffic also.

Helpful Items to stay within the Glovebox

Flashlight – These are available handy for several situations, albeit you’re not within the dark. If you would like to seem inside the hood of your car during the day, it is often tricky to ascertain without direct light. Consider getting a hand-crank flashlight to avoid needing batteries.

Telephone – As a friendly reminder, always travel with a telephone to possess directions, contact information, and a phone to call emergency responders. Screenshot directions and save to your camera roll. this is often great to possess available when traveling in spotty cellular reception areas.

Telephone Charger – How are you able to call roadside assistance with a dead phone? to not mention, you would possibly be lost without your phone’s map. Having a backup battery with a charging cord is great just in case your car runs out of battery also.

Emergency Contact Info – just in case you can’t respond, have emergency contact info readily available. Have multiple people on the knowledge list just in case one person isn’t available.

Notebook and Pen – In some situations, you’ll be got to write down directions, phone numbers, or other information. Keeping both a pen and pencil will make sure you always have an article utensil.

Aerosol – this is often great for distracting any potential attackers and simply fits into your purse, pocket, or an outsized wallet. aerosol comes in discrete styles, like ones that mimic a tube of lipstick. See here on usage. You’ll aim aerosol into the face of your attacker to right away irritate their eyes, mouth, and lungs – supplying you with time to flee.

Tactical Pen – Small and multi-purpose, you’ll use a tactical pen to write down (like any standard pen would) and as a protective weapon. They easily fit into your purse, pocket, or wallet. Bonus points for being discreet. See here on usage. Thrust the pin into the leg, arm, or stomach of the attacker to stun them. You’ll distract them, allowing you time to run away.

Self-defense Keychain – There are many self-defense keychains to suit your hand and elegance. Keep this item on your car keys for straightforward access when heading back to your car. Travel sources endorse this item. These keychains loop through your fingers acting as sharp brass knucks. This impacts a robust punch to any potential attackers.

Personal Safety Alarm – This item emits loud alarms to alert nearby people you’re under fire. This may scare your attacker away. See here for usage tips by a self-defense expert. Attach to your keys for straightforward access.

Why These 15 Things to stay in Your Car are Essential

Crime reports show that car breakdowns in remote areas, or in the dark, can cause life-threatening situations. These same reports also prove that parking lots and garages are common places for victims of theft or assault. The statistics we note below show the importance of staying aware of the road and help us understand why we should always prepare.

Carjacking – Carjacking is that the action of violently stealing an occupied car and may cause auto theft, robbery, assault, or maybe homicide. The foremost common occurrences of carjacking are in remote areas, including on the side of the road. The foremost recent study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics on carjacking states that of 38,000 carjackings annually, 74% involve a weapon and about 15 homicides occur as a result.

Victims of Assault – Parking lots and parking garages are common places for assault, as many attackers find them easy spots to trace victims walking to and from their cars, often alone. While one might imagine women are the foremost targeted victims in these cases, a study from 2015 found that 43% of assault victims in parking lots or public places were men.

Lack of Car Maintenance Results in Breakdowns – AAA found in their 2015 survey that 35% of USA citizens skipped or delayed recommendations from a car maintenance servicer to repair their car. Not receiving regular vehicle maintenance increases your chances of breaking down on the road, resulting in unwanted and potentially dangerous outcomes.

Car Breakdowns are Common – AAA reports responding to 32 million involves tow trucks and roadside assistance per annum. In most cases, regular car maintenance could have prevented the difficulty.

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